Powerful Impression

Powerful Impressions will be a holistic approach. It targets clothing, makeovers, Etiquette and Body Language in a way to create a perfect place for yourself in the mind of others

Outcome of this workshop:

  • Personal Branding
  • Creating an authentic and positive first impressions
  • Mastering conversational skills
  • Power of Non-Verbal Communications(Body language and Etiquette)

Colour Analysis

It’s time for a new attitude about color!

A relaxed attitude that allows more flexibility and creativity than many people allow themselves.

 Outcomes of this workshop:

  • Colours will help you draws attention, often to a point of emphasis.
  • Helps you coordinate clothing and accessories
  • Create powerful illusions about other colors, body size and shape

Makeovers/ Skintelligence

Your skin is a “mirror-of-the-soul”, as it reflects emotions. Most people want to get right to the “good stuff”: skin care procedures and makeup magic. But you really need to slow down and learn what your dealing with first.

Outcome of this workshop:

  • Learning the right product to use  
  • Make-up techniques   
  • How to avoid common makeup mistakes

Wardrobe Management

Dress to honour and make the most of your curves so you are full of self confidence as opposed to self conscious.

Outcome of this workshop:

  • Discover your personal style
  • Appropriate clothing by making better use of the clothing you already own
  • Wardrobe evaluation helps you create and maintain an attractive, healthy self image –knowing that your clothes enhance your appearance

Dining Etiquette

Dining is where all the social graces come together. Meticulous dining skills communicate to others.

An unspoken level of sophistication—awareness, experience, refinement, and respect.

Outcome of this workshop:

  • Recognize the importance of proper dining etiquette
  • Understand the elements and aspects of proper dining
  • Learn table manners & how to dine with panache
  • Understand what not to do on the dining table
  • Acquire the skill-sets of eating right using chopsticks

 Body Language/ Etiquette

Body Language

Body language is a type of a nonverbal communication in which physical behaviors, as opposed to words, are used to express or convey the information. Such behavior includes facial expressions, body posture, gestures, eye movement, touch and the use of space.

Outcome of this workshop:

A mastery over the subject will avoid unsuccessful interventions like misleading someone during an important discussion through negative body language, failing a business deal due to lack of understanding of clients body language thus being unable to deliver, bridging the gap between words and expressions thus ensuring clear communication or uncovering an underlying message in some cases.


Our behavior is a reflection of our personality and is the means by which other people judge us.

Outcome of this workshop:

  • Helps you show sensitivity to other people and put them at ease                   
  • Gives you a competitive edge        
  • Social intelligence is the backbone for success in business and life

Personal Shopper

Personal shoppers gives personalized attention and provides advance knowledge of products, services, and trends, personal shoppers become trusted consultants for shoppers who want an enhanced buying experience.

Outcome of this workshop:

  • Time saver  
  • Spend money wisely
  • Update your style